Terms and Conditions

By booking and payment has been made or attending a swimming lesson with Swimrush Swimming Academy, you accept these terms and conditions and you will ensure that you follow the general swimming pool rules and other rules that stated in this terms and conditions.


Registration & Payment

  1. Students/Parents are required to declare any medical conditions before the lesson started and Swimrush Swimming Academy have the right to withdraw students application if the lesson are not suitable.
  2. Full payment can only be made through online banking, or Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) to Swimrush Enterprise Bank Account and require to send the payment receipt to the instructor.
  3. Once payment have been made, there will strictly be no refund.

Cancellation & Renewal Class

  1. Class cancellation due to bad weather or instructor being unavoidably delayed (eg, accident, sick), poor attendance or poor pool conditions, a make-up class will be scheduled.
  2. If the lesson fall on public holiday, the class will be postpone on the same day and time on the week following the previously scheduled lessons, or on a different day and time mutually agreeable by the instructor and other class participants.
  3. If majority of participants unable to come due to own commitments, instructor need to be notified 24 hours earlier for official cancellation. If majority of students are able to make it, class will proceed and the absent students can attend the replacement class (entitle 1 replacement class given for every 4 sessions).
  4. If the instructor is not informed of cancellation 48 hours prior to the class, participants not showing up will be marked as attended and unable to replace the class.
  5. If the students wish to continue and renew another 4 sessions, students are required to notify the instructor and renewal payment will be required before the new sessions begin. Fail to notify the instructor, your place may be given to the next person on the waiting list.

Swimming Pool Regulations

  1. The rules and regulation of the pool must be followed at all times.
  2. Shoes must be removed before entering the poolside and students must shower before enter the pool.
  3. Proper swimming attire, such as swimming suit, muslimah swimwear, goggle, swimming cap and swimming board (for kids only) are compulsory to wear.
  4. The swimming pool is non-smoking area, which extends to the lobby area.
  5. You are not require to prepare any kind of floating device as Swimrush Swimming Academy will provide necessary equipment for the class. However, students are free to bring any.


  1. Children must not run or act inappropriately within the pool area. Swimrush Swimming Academy shall not be responsible for any injury/accident caused as a result of children and/or parents disobeying these rules.
  2. Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken by Swimrush Swimming Academy to ensure security and safety during swimming lessons, Swimrush Swimming Academy and the management of the pool is not liable for any claims arising out of any injury, damage or loss of life while attending this course. This also includes all costs and expenses incurred as a result of such claims.
  3. Swimrush Swimming Academy shall not be liable for any loss or theft of your or your child’s personal belongings in the facility.